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Dodge crafted with modern living in mind, this bed frame seamlessly integrates innovative features to enhance your bedroom experience. Maximize your storage potential with discreet underbed compartments, providing ample space to declutter and organize your belongings effortlessly. Say goodbye to cluttered spaces as you utilize every inch of available room beneath the bed, maintaining a sleek and minimalist aesthetic.

Elevate the ambiance of your bedroom with integrated LED light strips, offering a soft, inviting glow that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you're winding down after a long day or indulging in a good book, the gentle radiance creates a serene atmosphere perfect for unwinding.

Convenience meets style with the addition of a headboard shelf, offering convenient storage space for your essentials within easy reach. Keep your bedside neat and organized, with everything from books to bedtime essentials elegantly displayed and easily accessible.

With thoughtful design elements seamlessly woven throughout, our bed frame embodies modern sophistication and practicality. Embrace the perfect blend of style and functionality as you transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of organization and tranquility.


General Dimensions 76.1"L x 62.4"W x 47.2"H
Weight (lbs) 43.21 Pounds
Max Weight 1000 Pounds
Materials Metal
Model BMB015

Assemble & Care

People to Assemble 2
Quantity of Parts 1
Assembly Time 1Hour
Assembly Instructions Instruction File 1

Crafted to perfection, these embedded LED light strips offer a sophisticated touch to your decor, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. Experience the epitome of modern elegance as the sleek design of the bed frame seamlessly blends with the soft illumination, creating a visual masterpiece that complements any interior decor. Embrace the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, as the integrated LED light strips provide both practical lighting and a touch of contemporary flair.

Keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free with the convenient addition of a headboard shelf on our metal platform bed. Enjoy ample space to store your essentials within easy reach, from books to bedtime essentials. This thoughtful feature ensures that your bedroom remains tidy and organized, promoting a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Say goodbye to cluttered nightstands and embrace the streamlined design of our platform bed, where style meets functionality for an effortlessly chic space.

Effortlessly maintain an organized and clutter-free bedroom with our modern bed frame featuring hidden underbed storage solutions. Maximize your living space by utilizing the area beneath the bed to stow away extra linens, seasonal clothing, or personal belongings. Enjoy easy access to your essentials while keeping your bedroom sleek and minimalist. Our discreet storage compartments seamlessly blend into the bed frame's design, offering both style and practicality for a serene and organized environment.

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