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Crafted from soft Corduroy/Bouclé fabric, this Cirru chair envelops you in comfort from the moment you take a seat. Its plush texture not only feels luxurious but also adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.

But comfort is just the beginning. With gaslifting functionality, this chair effortlessly adjusts its height, catering to users of all heights. The swivel feature allows for seamless 360° rotation, empowering you to multitask with ease. And with rolling wheels, you can glide from task to task effortlessly, enhancing productivity without sacrificing comfort.

What truly sets this chair apart is its innovative "S" backrest ergonomic design. Engineered to cradle the natural curve of your lower back, it provides unparalleled lumbar support, alleviating spinal pressure and promoting proper posture. This thoughtful design not only ensures comfort but also safeguards your long-term spinal health, making it the perfect companion for extended work sessions.

The contrast color design seamlessly integrates modern flair into your workspace, while the criss-cross chair silhouette adds a touch of contemporary elegance. Whether it's adorning your writing desk or complementing your parlor seating ensemble, this chair effortlessly combines comfort, adjustability, and ergonomics to enhance your everyday life. Elevate your workspace experience with our versatile and stylish desk chair—where comfort meets sophistication.


General Dimensions 26.4"D x 24.8"W x 34"H
Weight (lbs) 26.5 Pounds
Max Weight 250 Pounds
Model SSC017

Assemble & Care

People to Assemble 2
Quantity of Parts 1
Assembly Time 15mins
Assembly Instructions Instruction File 1

The soft Corduroy/Bouclé material would provide a cozy and inviting feel, while the open, skin-friendly backrest ensures breathability and prevents any discomfort from prolonged sitting. The scratch-resistant feature adds durability, ensuring your chair stays looking great for a long time. And the curved backrest providing ample support is just the cherry on top, ensuring that you can sit comfortably for hours without straining your back. Sounds like the perfect companion for long hours at the desk!

Whether you're tall or petite, being able to customize the chair's height ensures ergonomic comfort. The 360° swivel capability opens up a world of flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly pivot and turn without having to strain or twist your body. And with rolling wheels, you can smoothly glide across the floor, making it easy to transition between tasks or reach for items nearby without having to get up.

The "S" backrest ergonomic design. By mimicking the natural curve of the spine, it provides optimal support to the lower back, which is crucial for maintaining good posture and reducing strain during long periods of sitting. Having proper lumbar support can make a significant difference in alleviating back pain and promoting overall spinal health. By taking the pressure off the spine and supporting its natural curvature, this chair helps prevent discomfort and fatigue, allowing you to focus on your tasks without distractions.


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